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indirect games & historical veins

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Saturday, January 14th, 2017
4:24 pm - Snowed In
Hello Livejournal: It is the second coming of Portland's Snowpocalypse; a foot of snow and more, and bitter wind blowing. 2008 flashbacks! It's been a bundle-up-and-stay-inside month, but today required a hike to the grocery store, lest the cat go hungry come dinner time.

No one wants a hungry cat.

Thank goodness for new hiking boots and pointed walking sticks! Made it there and back in one piece, backpack re-purposed to hold cat food and wine. Wobbly legs and variably focusing eyes be damned.

Walking used to be my therapy. Entropy changes things without permission. The new Nine Inch Nails is surprisingly good.

Good afternoon, Livejournal.

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